Urban Gal offers private, custom, memorable San Francisco tours

Urban Gal Knows San Francisco

We create and deliver extraordinary outings for you. A new movement is happening where people want to travel beyond the landmarks and get below the surface of a place. Our goal is to provide you a more experiential tour of San Francisco and it’s people.

San Francisco is one of the most storied, unique, fascinating places on earth. Ensuring that you feel it’s specialness is at the core of Urban Gal tours. We welcome those new to San Francisco and those who have been here before or live here. Our local, insider’s perspective offers you the oppurtunity to truly explore beyond the expected and see San Francisco in a new light.

We want to give you more than just a tour of San Francisco sights, we want to give you a San Francisco experience you will never forget.

You’ll enjoy:

A completely private tour of San Francisco

We can accommodate groups of up to 4, and only the people in your party. No moments of literally rubbing elbows with strangers, waiting for stragglers, or awkward “getting to know you” conversations.

Customized just for you

No two outings are ever the same. Yes, we have some frameworks that we work within, but we take the time to understand what you want out of your tour — what triggers your imagination, what makes you happy — to design a tour that is as unique as you are.

Fun, savvy tour guide

Ligia Calonje is a long-time Bay Area resident who is known for knowing. We want you to have a great time, be entertained with interesting stories and feel special.

What’s happening now

In addition to experiencing the things that San Francisco is known for, we want you to experience the new, the different, the eclectic - the things that are making San Francisco exciting right now. We want you to feel stimulated, inspired and amazed.

No nickel and diming

Urban Gal prices are all inclusive — we’re not going to ask you to pony up for tolls, gas, parking, or window cleaning. Those kinds of “surprises” can ruin a great day, and we want you to have the best day ever!

Want some ideas for a unique San Francisco tour?

All tours are planned in advance to guarantee you an experience custom to you.

Here are a few successful tours we have delivered in the past:

Tour hidden gems in Sonoma and Napa counties

  • Drive along the historical El Camino Real on your journey to some amazing vineyards.
  • What is your taste in wine? With over 1000 vineyards we can visit only the ones that suite your pallet.
  • Enjoy world renowned wine and high caliber food as we drive you through this scenic valley.

Hike Best of Mission District

  • Stroll up and down beautiful Dolores Street and see historical victorians and spetacular views.
  • Visit the architectural wonder Mission San Francisco de Assisi.
  • Have a picnic in Dolores Park with sandwiches from local delicatessen and wine from Napa Valley.
  • Eat fabulous deserts from the famous Tartine Bakery or Bi-Rite Creamery.

Visit the center of technology, Silicon Valley

  • Get yourself photgraphed in front of the famous Google Androids on the world renowned Google campus.
  • Maybe you like Facebook better, get yourself photographed at the infamous thumbs up billboard.
  • The Apple campus offers a special retail experience that sells Apple gear offered no where else in the world.

Drive along the Pacific Ocean to Carmel Valley

  • Enjoy the scenic roads along the magnificent Pacific coast line walked by the Francican priests that set up the California missions.
  • Dine at internationally renowned resturants frequented by the famous.
  • Witness spectacular sunsets along the Monterey Peninsula where the pebble beach golf classic takes place each year.

The Happy Hour Tour

  • Tell us what you like and we will craft a special pub crawl that shows you the San Francisco barbary coast roots.
  • Enjoy bars featuring the longest happy hours.
  • Get to know the neighborhoods as a local while traversing bar to bar.
  • All this fun and we still get you home safe.

Contact us today to discuss what you’d like to do in San Francisco.

Book your tour of San Francisco

A fun, personal tour guide for less than a pair of jeans


Contact us anytime so that we can work with you to customize your tour.

We treat everyone with special attention and there is always a surprise at the end of every tour.

Guided tour for one person

A 4 hour (minimum) tour for one person is $40.00 per hour.

Tour guide for 2 or 3 people

A 4 hour (minimum) tour for two or three people in a sedan is $49.00 per hour.

Bicycle tour for up to 4 people

A 3 hour (minimum) bike ride for two to four people is $25.00 each per hour. I will meet you at a bike rental shop where you'll get fitted with the right bicycle.

Payment Details

Once you have contacted us and we have arranged your custom tour, we require a $100 deposit in order for you to reserve a specific date. We will collect any differences in your package payment on the day of the tour and accpet Cash or any major Credit Card.

Tour Deposit

Cancellation steps: you get a full refund with 7 days notice, 50% refund with 3 days notice and no refund with notice two days or less.

Because we are a small business, our availability is limted.

Contact us and make a reservation today!

We are locals who love our city and know you will too

About Us

Urban Gal Knows San Francisco is a small business operated by Ligia Calonje, a local that loves her city. Our mission is to make every San Francisco tour we do unique because it's tailored to you. As I get to know you during the excursion I'll suggest lessor known historical landmarks, museums, bookstores, restaurants and fun places to suit your style.

One of my favorite research activities is to walk or bike through the city searching for the coziest and hippest cafe's, clubs, and restaurants whether the fog is in or not because exploring is learning. I know where you can enjoy the longest happy hour (12:00pm-7:00pm everyday), "Where everybody knows your name" or maybe you don't so you have to go on a San Francisco Happy Hour tour with Urban Gal.

There are also San Francisco bike riding tours. It's a great way to keep a cardiologist at bay. The bike tour is for 2 to 4 bicylists at a time. Customizing a tour you'll never forget is the Mission so join me for a ride and have the time of your life.

Let us show you the amazing San Francisco and all it’s specialness

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To book an outing with Urban Gal, all you need to do is call us or email us, which ever you prefer:

Ligia Calonje: lgcalonje@gmail.com
(415) 275-2249

We promise to answer all emails and return all calls within 24 hours.

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Guest Reviews

Urban Gal gave me a tour of San Francisco that was unforgettable.

Steve V.

We had so much fun touring San Francisco with Ligia. I recommend all my friends who visit SF to call her up.

Matthew W.

What a great birthday present. My girlfriends and I had such a great time. Thanks Urban Gal!

Melinda C.